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    • Different kind of charm: renting a lighthouse in Croatia


      Want something different on a sailing trip? Rent a lighthouse on your route and experience the charm of their accommodation and breathtaking views of the Adriatic coast. Create unforgettable memories in these historic beacons.
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    • The ultimate decision: to buy a new boat or a used one


      There are certain things to consider when buying a boat or a yacht. Will it be a new one made to your preferences? Or is the used one ready to sail right now? The decision is yours, but we are happy to help.
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    • Sailing week in Croatia: The adventure begins in Pirovac


      Would you like to discover the beauty of Šibenik-Knin County and the archipelago during a sailing week but don't know where to start? We'll be glad to help you with our plan for a 7-day sailing trip.
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    • Which is better: catamaran vs monohull sailboats


      Sometimes, it’s challenging to decide what sailboat to choose to charter or even buy. So, we give you the main benefits and the differences between catamaran sailboats and monohulls.
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    • The physics of sailing: what types of sails are there?


      There is a list of things one must know about sailing, including basic terminology for better managing the sailboat and better communication. It also includes being able to read maps and compass in navigation and between essential maintenance and knowing "the rules of the road" - have you ever wondered how sails work?
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    • Boat maintenance or what yachts do when they aren't at sea


      Proper boat maintenance for a sailboat or a motor yacht is a very comprehensive list of things that need to be done. Professionalism and thoroughness are implied with the term "proper maintenance", and our team knows that.
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    • How does chartering a yacht from a large fleet work


      Want to know how to rent a yacht from a proper and successful yacht charter company? Find out how to book a yacht, and what to take care of in advance, during and after your sailing vacation.
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    • You decided on buying a small yacht – and what now


      Ever considered buying a small yacht for yourself to enjoy during vacation time? Somehow it always seemed like a big step and a big responsibility. Find out how you can have a yacht and make your life easier. And make a profit, too.
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    • 5 things about yachts and charters people still believe


      Throughout history, many general myths and superstitions about sailing life have existed. Today that is no longer the question, but there are still some things people believe about yacht life and charter companies that are simply not so.
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    • Philosophy behind modern sailing and why people love it


      Sailing can be called a lot of things, but mainly it is a way of life and can become quite addictive quickly. But what is the philosophy behind sailing, and why do people actually love it so much?
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    • Why yacht base Pirovac makes a good starting point


      Pirovac and its marina with their perfect location, make an ideal sailing starting spot. There are many facts that make this small Adriatic town so special and unique.
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    • Experience events and festivals while sailing in Croatia


      Would you like a unique sailing experience? Why not also explore some of the fantastic Croatian events while sailing. There's something for everyone from world-famous music festivals to lesser-known local celebrations.
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    • 7 tips to organise perfect family sailing vacation


      Yes, a family sailing vacation is definitely the best vacation ever, but preparation is half the fun. If you are one of those people who like to be prepared, but even if you're not, we will give you 7 basic tips on how to make your sailing vacation with the family as complication-free and smooth as possible.
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    • Top 10 best sailing blogs to follow


      Sailing is a completely different lifestyle and there is a whole community of people who spend their lives on sailing yacht and catamarans, exploring the world. If you want to learn more about them and their adventures, check out our list.
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    • Plan your sailing vacation


      Prepare in advance and make your sailing trip on a charter yacht as smooth as possible. We give you 5 important tips for planning your vacation. Preparation and planning ahead makes many things easier and can also be a good guiding principle for life in general. Being organized is half the work and a well-prepared and organized vacation is no different. It is a good decision to plan ahead before you go on vacation so that there are no surprises and no missing things that you need. You should also plan your meals in advance so that you do not find yourself in the middle of the open sea without food or other essentials. And now you have decided to travel to Croatia and sail along the coast. An excellent choice. The Croatian coast is perfect for a vacation full of activities, where you can also relax and recharge your batteries.
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    • Family cruise vacation in Croatia – a few general tips


      Turbulent times have dawned and changed the way we perceive everything, including vacations. One thing has quickly become clear: we all want and need to be safe and protected. Especially when we travel with kids and our family. Chartering a yacht is one of the safest ways to spend a family vacation. On a chartered yacht in Croatia, you can safely sail the most beautiful stretches of coastline you have ever seen. But besides considering COVID19 protection, a vacation on a boat is the best way to really enjoy and relax. Even people who have never sailed before have recently discovered their appreciation for this experience. How could they not, because sailing is something incomparable.
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    • Yacht charter services - what makes the difference


      There are a lot of things you need to consider when you hand over your boat to a charter company. There are also many small but essential things that distinguish one charter company from another. With all the services that yacht charter companies offer, you should make sure that your choice suits you in every way. Even with a wide range of services to choose from, sometimes it is only one that makes the difference for you as a boat owner. It is important that you know what to expect from the charter company of your choice and what their business practises are. When choosing a company to charter your vessel, your satisfaction must come first, and a good partnership and quality bookings should be your priority. There are also a few things that should be important and that really make the difference between a good charter company and an excellent one.
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    • Why yacht charter management is a good investment?


      What a difference a profit makes and other stories about how you can make the most of owning a yacht. There are a few reasons why you should charter a yacht that you own. If you are not interested in making money, there is also the option of chartering only enough to cover your expenses. Let us say it's enough to cover maintenance costs and pay the mortgage if you have one. Another option is to make a profit, which should certainly be your goal. Other people who are not as fortunate as you and own their own boat will certainly enjoy a bit of sailing and experiencing what you can on any given day. Allow us to introduce you to all the benefits of chartering your boat, as we are sure that you will have all the advantages and none of the disadvantages that most people usually face it.
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    • My Boat App - Elevate your boat owner experience


      Having a boat and providing exceptional sailing experiences to others seems like a simple enough task. Essentially all that a boat owner must do is choose a good charter company. But a boat owner needs to consider a list of things - mainly to find a company with management services that will simplify boat ownership, be stress-free, and cost-effective. The first and foremost thing you need to pay attention to is that a company of your choice includes you in all the essential elements of customer service and ownership if that is your wish, of course.
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    • Why Croatia is the best vacation destination for sailors


      Croatia is well known to most as a summer destination. Especially among residents of EU countries, for whom it is easily accessible by car. They choose to spend their summer holidays in Croatia, mainly on its coast. How could it be otherwise when the Mediterranean climate with hot summers and the beautiful Adriatic Sea, one of the cleanest in the world, offers the perfect combination for a family or youth vacation. For these reasons, Croatia is also a paradise for sailors. Whether you are an experienced sailor who loves challenges or a complete beginner, Croatia is an excellent destination for you. Read further to discover the top reasons why you should put Croatia on your travel list.
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    • Yacht charter season 2022: Euronautic fleet has great new types of vessels for booking


      Suppose you are one of those who love the sea, sailing and have enjoyed this season somewhere on the Adriatic. In that case, you probably want to repeat that experience, so start planning the next opportunity for a new nautical experience. We at Euronautic have prepared an offer that includes new boat models to make this experience even more exciting. Check out what new boats we are offering for the 2022 season and how to book a charter week with extra benefits.
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    • Yacht charter management - what current and future boat owners need to know


      We at Euronautic have been providing yacht charter management services for more than 20 years from our main base in Biograd na Moru. We are expanding our vessel fleet management, vessel maintenance and rental services to end guests every year so that today we are proud of our fleet of over 70 different vessels from two charter bases on the Adriatic. Our priority is the quality of services and a high degree of care for our clients: on the one hand, boat owners, and on the other hand, charter guests. For all those who already have a boat and are thinking about how to take care of their boat most adequately while using it for their own needs and still cover maintenance costs, here are a few key things you need to pay attention to.
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    • Experience bareboat charter in Croatia


      If you are one of those who love the sea and you are a bit of an adventurous spirit, then you have undoubtedly considered sailing as an option to spend your vacation. Sailing is one of those activities that provide a deep sense of relaxation and connection with nature. In Croatia, as a country with over 1000 islands, sailing is a unique experience. Therefore, if you doubt whether you should spend your vacation on a sailing boat in Croatia, read this blog post and do not think any more; you will surely enjoy this kind of vacation.
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    • Why Should You Buy a Boat Now?


      If you love sailing, you probably thought at least once about buying a boat. When you have your vessel, the only thing you need is to take care of it. There are no rules to obey when you don't own it and have to rent it. Many people will say that having a boat is an expensive hobby, but having your own vessel is just different - because sailing isn't just a hobby. It's passion! Sailing other people's or charter company's boat isn't the same as having your own!
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    • Yacht Charter Croatia: Guaranteed Social Distancing


      Can you remember this time last year and how insecure you felt? The pandemic was just started, and we didn't know what awaited us at all. Unfortunately, we cannot say that things are much better a year later. There is still no clear image of an end to this global madness, but one thing is for sure. We all have a great desire to relax and spend time in a sunny and calm location. Isn't it so?
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    • Sailing as a form of meditation


      What makes sailing so similar to meditation? In what ways can it benefit your mind and body? Get some great tips on how best to enjoy your sailing vacation!
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    • Motorboat or sailing boat?


      Yacht owners can be divided into two main groups: those who prefer sailing yachts and those who prefer motor yachts. Don't have a boat of your own yet? Don't know which type to choose? Well, it can be said that it all depends on what kind of vacation you're looking for. If you're more interested in exploring new places on dry land and can't wait to see that new town, a motorboat will get you there faster. But if you're the type who enjoys the journey, who just wants to take it easy and savour every moment at sea, sailing boats are a far better choice. Apart from that, though, many other things can influence your choice, so let's dig a bit deeper to see whether motor or sailing yachts are the right choice for you.
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    • Yacht maintenance during winter


      Boat storage during winter is vital for your yacht if you want to be sure you will enjoy it when the warmer weather comes. Simply, this kind of boat maintenance is crucial to prevent any deterioration of any part of your beauty. That's why you need to be thorough and approach the issue seriously. Only then you will be able to count on the best possible result. If you're not sure if you've done everything, allow us to help you with your boat winterization with this short list of things that need to be done. Let's go!
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    • Benefits of early booking


      What are the main advantages of early booking in nautical tourism? Read this and learn how to organize a trip without any stress at a much lower price!
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    • How to buy a boat? Everything you need to know


      So, you're in the market for a boat but don't know where to start and how this process even works? Then this is the perfect article for you! In the following few paragraphs, you will learn all the most important things you need to be aware of when buying a boat, and we'll take a look at specific boat types, too. There's something for everyone out there. A couple of minutes is all you need for this text, and this will certainly be time well spent. Let's go!
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    • Nautical tourism in Croatia during the coronavirus pandemic


      A year ago, you probably didn't expect things to play out this way. Still, given the global pandemic which as the whole world in a chokehold right now, it's time to start thinking about the ways in which nautical tourism and the coronavirus can coexist. Fortunately, the very nature of this type of tourism makes it very resilient to the current situation. As a matter of fact, one might even argue that it can quite reliably keep you safe. We're all listening to the authorities telling us how important social distancing is these days. If there's one way to make sure you are as far away from other people as humanly possible, it's hopping on a boat and just taking off. One thing's for sure - the virus can't get to you there if everybody aboard is healthy. But that's not all! Given the current situation, nautical tourists could see some amazing and fairly unique opportunities open up in front of them. Going sailing during the pandemic can very quickly turn out to be a great move and result in a fantastic experience you won't soon forget!
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    • Sailing Trip in Croatia as Romantic Getaway for Couples


      Each time when we are about to enter the month of February, the first thing that comes to our minds is Valentine’s Day. It is the day dedicated to all the people who celebrate the love, no matter if it refers to their families, friends, better halves or pets. Some people say that for them Valentine’s Day is every day and that they don’t need to emphasise the importance of that particular day, but some other people would agree that is always nice to celebrate that day as it is easy to feel the love around every corner. That is why, for Valentine’s Day, most people tend to buy some kind of a present to their beloved ones to show their affection and dedication they often forget about due to their everyday responsibilities.
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    • Adriatic Sea – 5 reasons to sail along the Croatian coast


      Many of you have probably heard about Croatia as an ideal sailing destination. Clear waters, turquoise seas, stunningly beautiful sunsets, a light breeze through your hair during sailing vacation. Sounds familiar?
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    • New Year's Resolutions: Buying a boat


      Every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to get a positive change or some life improvements. The common themes each year include a more active approach to health and fitness, improved finances, and learning new things for personal and professional development.
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    • Getting your boat ready for winter


      It is commonly accepted, that charter employees, at the end of the season, lock their office and go on a vacation. Unfortunately, it is not everything as it seems. At the end of each charter season, it is necessary to make an analysis of the past sailing season, sum up all revenues and expenses, and prepare reports for the boat owner. Also, suggestions should be made to improve the upcoming season. The charter activity in Croatia is specific because immediately after the conclusion of one charter season, we open bookings for the upcoming season, which means that in agreement with the owners, we should immediately determine the prices of the boat per week, the weeks available for the charter and all the details required to continue your cooperation.
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    • Top 5 places to visit from charter base in Pirovac


      The sailing season has just ended, and we can't wait for the next one! Why? Because ten new boats are coming to our charter fleet, beautiful new sailboats and one catamaran. What really makes us happy is the opening of our new charter base in Pirovac. Namely, apart from our main base in Biograd na Moru, from next year our guests will be able to sail out from Marina Pirovac. Pirovac is picturesque small town located 20 km south from Biograd nm. It's a small, known fishermen's village with a protected port where a couple of years ago beautiful modern marina was built. Despite being small, the marina is equipped with all the necessary facilities, and nearby you can find supermarket, pharmacy, bank, ATM, restaurants as well as many coffee shops. Meaning, all that you can find necessary you will find in marina or its vicinity.
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    • Ready for the new yacht charter season in Croatia


      One more successful sailing season is coming to an end! Therefore, we are grateful to our dear guests and all the partners we have worked with, during 2019. We hope that our cooperation will continue the following year. We are proud of results of another successful season, but we are also aware that the collaboration with quality partners and loyal guests has contributed to this. To continue with this good practice, our hard-working team has prepared some news for the next sailing season that we are proudly presenting.
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    • Enjoy Autumn Sailing In Croatia


      If you are a person who does not enjoy the sun scorching your skin, you can hardly breathe in the hot summer days or do not like the summer crowds in marinas or at sea, keep reading - this is the blog for you! The Croatian coast is beautiful all year round and is worth a visit even when the summer heat drops slightly. In the summer, many tourists leave, and in the fall, Croatia becomes an ideal destination for those who enjoy exploring the coastal towns, sailing and discovering the beautiful quiet coves. The sailing season in Croatia runs from April to the end of October, and sailing enthusiasts generally choose September and October for their vacation. In this blog, we’ve tried to find out why, and have gathered the reasons why these periods are the most interesting to the real sailors!
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    • One week charter sailing – what to do


      Sailing is always so much fun! No matter the length or type of the boat, the moment you embark you'll become sea adventurers. Whether you’re on board with kids or friends, spending seven days in a small space like a boat can be quite a challenge. But, when initial enthusiasm disappears, it’s necessary to have planned activities to do onboard. And no, we don’t refer only to the period when the kids are on board. Even adults can get bored by constant swimming, tanning and chatting. So, here is the list of activities you can do onboard during one charter week.
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    • Charter sailing without unexpected costs


      Vacation is part of the year that everyone is eagerly waiting for, and if you plan to spend your vacation on board, we believe that you can’t wait for that check-in Saturday. As for every holiday, it is crucial to plan your journey, some activities and pack adequate clothes and suitable equipment. Chartering a boat is ideal for all those who are sea, wind and nature lovers, but it should be carefully planned. Where to go, what to bring with you how to entertain the kids, are just some of the questions that arise when we talk about seven days on board. But, the most important question of all is: How much does it cost? In this blog, you can read about overall cost expenses you can expect during your chosen charter week.
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    • Top 5 restaurants in the Kornati archipelago


      If you are a true sailing enthusiast who wants to explore the beautiful Croatian coast and islands, it is almost impossible not to hear about the Kornati. The Kornati archipelago was called "the nautical paradise" because it includes 89 islands and islets. Most of these islands are uninhabited, which is an additional benefit for those who want to enjoy the untouched seaside during their vacation. It’s only several nautical miles away from our base, and the true oasis of pristine natural beauty. That is also confirmed by the fact that most of the islands and islets in the Kornati archipelago are part of the National Park Kornati. The Kornati have become an inevitable destination for families with kids, sailors beginners, but also for those experienced ones. Whether sailing means a sport or recreation for you, you will definitely find a piece of paradise for yourself in the Kornati Archipelago! But, as it is known, you cannot sail on an empty stomach! That's why we have made a brief guide of excellent restaurants in the Kornati area. Discover where they are located, what their story is, and which delicious food you can eat there.
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    • Spring sailing in Croatia


      With a large number of islands, incredible natural beauty and excellent weather conditions, Croatia has become one of the most popular destinations for holidays in Europe. Besides natural beauty, there are many activities you can enjoy and many facilities which can make your vacation unforgettable. One of the most popular activities in Croatia is definitely sailing. But it is important to note that the season of sailing in Croatia is not exclusively related to the summer months.
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    • Yacht Charter Management Programme – how we deal with it


      You've probably once in your life thought it would be great to have your boat, then picked up paper and pen and began to record revenue and expenses that came with the owning of the vessel. At this step, someone will give up, and others will take that big step and become proud owners of the boat. Whether you belong to one or the other group of people, we believe that you have considered yacht management programs as a business opportunity. On the market, there are many available different programs where boat owners can accomplish any of their private or business ambitions.
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    • What should I know about boats?


      They say that we refer to a ship with ‘she’ because there is always a great deal of bustle around her; there is usually a lot of men around her, she has waist and figure, and it takes a lot of paint to keep her good looks.
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    • National parks in Croatia accessible by boat


      Many people would agree that sailing holiday in Croatia is definitely one unique experience. Those who spend years coming to Croatia for a sailing vacation have already had an opportunity to meet at least part of this Mediterranean pearl. Even those who are planning their first Croatian sailing vacation at this moment have already probably heard about Croatia being one of the world’s famous sailing destinations. And trust us, whether you are a fan of sports or cruising sailing, this is the right spot for experiencing your dream vacation. When speaking about Croatia, what definitely stands out are natural beauties, especially these protected ones. There are 8 national parks in Croatia in total and 3 of them are located in the Adriatic Sea and accessible by boat. Make your sailing holiday complete by visiting one (or more) beautiful national parks! Set sail to amazing protected areas of the Adriatic Sea and discover Croatian beauty! We’re bringing you a short review with basic information about location, content and national parks’ prices which you can visit during your Croatian sailing holiday!
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    • All I want for Christmas is ...


      … a boat! Not that small one, something like dinghy! No, no! I want a nice sailing boat with 3 or 4 cabins to accommodate up to 8 people. Do you think that is too much as a Christmas wish? Maybe it is, but always look on the bright side of life. :) We all know how big Christmas wishes can be, but do you know that phrase: be careful what you wish for, or it might just come true?
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    • Sailing on South Adriatic


      Winter is around the corner, slowly approaching with each day getting colder and colder, but all you do is the sipping out the tea and waiting for a little bit of the sun! While you’re slowly hibernating, we say that now is the right time to start planning your next sailing vacation! Why? Except from having larger boat choice, you will also grab a good price offers and have a plenty of time to design a perfect sailing route for you and your crew. We have your attention?
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    • Must visit places in Croatia during sailing vacation


      Whether you know Croatia so well, or you’ve decided to visit her for the first time, you’ve always wondered which places in Croatia are worth to be seen this year? Croatia is more than just crystal turquoise sea and intact nature. Croatia is not only about Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik and is definitely more than football and Luka Modrić. All the things mentioned above are really the most popular things related to Croatia, but that’s not all. Croatia offers more other and even smaller destinations worth of seeing. One thing that proves her an ideal spot for sailing is that it has its own Olympic Sailing Champions. So, next year you should afford yourselves and your friends one special sailing vacation in Croatia! But, where to go and start from? Believe us, you are not the only one who bothers that question, so we’ve decided to pick 5 Adriatic places you should definitely visit!
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    • The REEL good time – Fishing


      Are you a fishing lover? If you are, than you take both sailing and fishing gear on a sailing trip with you! Hooks, line, sinker, baits, fishing rods... In Croatia, apart from being a vital industry and a traditional way of life, fishing today for many people, especially Dalmatians, provides an ideal way to relax and reconnect with nature. We only have one thing to say – the Adriatic Sea is an ideal option for you.
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    • 3-cabin sailing yacht is an ideal option for Charter Management


      Thinking about buying a new boat? You want a quality boat for favorable price? Is it worth to buy your own boat? As the selection is wide we know it’s not easy to make up your mind and buy a perfect boat. The good option would be to write down all the advantages and disadvantages of each vessel you find interesting. After buying the boat, our charter management program will take care about it and for the weeks you won’t spend sailing on it, this program offers different rental options.
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    • Winds in Croatia


      Throughout history, sailing has become an art. How it comes? Well, if we start from the pure beginnings we can easily say that people were artists, who by the medium of wind force have set sail with the first sailing boats. But, as the old proverb says that a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor, it is true that sometimes unpredictable bad weather circumstances can catch you unready while sailing. Maybe, you’ve already faced the situation when you are sailing, the sun is shining brightly and your sailing yacht is going smoothly on the sea surface. Suddenly, the wind starts blowing and it gets you caught as you certainly didn’t expect it. But, actually no problem will happen as you already know all the wind types that blow in Croatia, right? Or, maybe not? Have in mind that winds in Croatia are mostly not just simple breezes! For all the people who still feel a bit uncertain about the winds that blow in Croatia, we’re bringing you a few tips about how to recognize the right type so you can get prepared according to its conditions. Have a safe journey!
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    • Why We Love Boats And Sailing/Boating!


      Mark Twain, an American author eloquently said “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” So ask yourself, do you yearn for that feeling?
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    • 5 Mistakes Every Skipper Should Avoid


      Every experienced sailor knows how to get ready for sailing. They know which things on boat they should pay attention to. But, no matter how prepared you are sometimes, there are some unpredictable sailing situations that hit you when less expected. When that happens, the most important thing is how experienced you are and capable of dealing with it. But, not everything is always just black and white and there are some important things you should check to avoid unpleasant situations on board. According to our experience in yacht charter business, there are some mistakes skippers sometimes do. Here we bring you 5 mistakes every skipper should avoid.
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    • Not an ordinary boat for your sailing experience


      Whether you’re an experienced sailor or you’re still thinking about this type of leisure, we’re sure that an extra advice is always more than welcome. When it comes to picking the right sailing yacht, each one of us has the particular style we prefer. Some people dedicate more attention to performance, other to design and someone simply wants to try new possibilities. On the market, there are numerous fantastic sailing yachts competing to attract your attention and each has its own X factor. But recently, on the market, one special sailing yacht appeared to intrigue you even more than any other before. It’s all about a brand new, redesigned Jeanneau’s model Sun Odyssey 440, that is special in so many ways. There are 3 key features that highlight her among other sailing yachts and we want to point them out here.
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    • Why Yacht Charter Management Program - What The Yacht Owners Have To Say?


      Charter management program can be a great opportunity for you to become a boat owner which allows you to purchase a new boat with the lowest possible initial investment and with return of investment in a few years period. The point is not to buy a boat in order to make an easy money, but to enjoy your boat and not worry too much about the costs. So, during the period you do not use your boat, the costs will be covered from the charter revenue. Maintenance and berth costs are also included in all the calculations and at the end of the year you will be happy having some money earned. Considering that the yacht charter management program is a theme that is of main interest to yacht investors, Euronautic has decided to carry out its (small) internal research with the aim of obtaining as much relevant data as possible from the present boat owners.
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    • Carefree Sailing Experience – Practical Guide


      For most of the people, beginning of their holidays means a start of full- time relaxation. For sailors relaxing time starts after making all necessary preparations to sail out. In order to make this part of the job easier and help you switch to vacation mode while sailing along Adriatic coast, we bring you 6 inevitable steps for carefree sailing experience with Euronautic.
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    • No Stress Charter Management


      Yacht charter management is a good way to reduce costs of owning a boat, so if you think about buying a boat, take into consideration putting it into charter to work for you when you are not using it. Charter management program makes your dream of having your own vessel come true, but there are different types of management programs offered by the charter industry so be sure that you’ll get what you expect.
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    • Sailing destination: Croatia – where to go, what to do


      Croatia is one of the world’s top sailing destinations and has a very good reason for that. There are a lot of things that Croatia can offer you as just one country – beautiful coast with thousands of islands, remarkable cities and natural landscapes and a history harking back far beyond the Romans. Embellish your stay with fine wine, typical food and a culinary culture which is so rich and specific in every city and small town, but the only hard part is deciding where to go first.
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    • Sailing holiday in Croatia – How to prepare yourself?


      How do you imagine sailing holiday? Just like a relaxing experience or an adrenaline adventure? You would like to try it, but you feel uncomfortable of getting yourself into an unknown area? Croatian beautiful coast is ideal for sailing. Great climate conditions and the exceptionally indented coast with its numerous islands and islets make Croatia a perfect choice for sailing. When it comes to sailing, we shouldn't mix up sailing as a sport and recreational sailing activity. However, they have one thing in common. Sailing in Croatia will be enjoyable for both; adrenaline junkies who prefer fast winds and those who want to spend their vacation by relaxing while easy sailing, swimming or just spending their quality time with friends and family.
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    • New charter season – New boats to enjoy


      Ending successful charter season Now, at the end of the season 2017, we can proudly say that this year was hugely successful for Euronautic. We are proud and happy that we successfully managed to have a fleet of more than 50 different vessels. Thanks to our excellent yacht charter management conditions and trust of our present boat owners we have the opportunity to expand our fleet with six completely new sailing yacht types which makes it 16 new boats in overall. We believe that the season 2018 will be prosperous and will allow our guests unforgettable sailing vacation in Croatia.
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    • Charter Management Contract – things you should pay attention to


      You've finally made a lifetime decision of being owner of the boat and you've realized that the simplest way to truly enjoy your boat would be if someone takes care of the boat. Charter management program seems to be the right solution for you just, but there are many programs on the market and you simply do not know which one would be right for you.
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    • How to prepare and sell your boat successfully


      You've paid a deposit for a new boat, but you couldn't get rid of the old one? That problem makes you extremely nervous, especially because you know that money you've received from the sold, the used boat could be enough to cover your down payment and it would also significantly reduce your loan rates. Of course, that would happen only in case the boat is sold at the price you've firstly set and that's quite an adventure.
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    • Small Guide for Buying a Used Sailboat (for Charter)


      Do you have any idea what to look for when you want to buy used sail boat? Most of the people look for cool things on the boats and they end up picking a boat mostly based on its look. To avoid buying a boat full of problems and which can end up being very costly to deal with, we share some of our advice in hope of helping you buy a good used boat. Use these easy tips to get started.
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    • Euronautic's 4 Step Yacht Charter Management Program


      How to become a boat owner? Are you worried that you will not be able to return this investment and that the maintenance of the yacht is too expensive? Or, maybe you already have your own boat, but it gives you great headaches? An option to consider if you are buying new and planning to keep the yacht is yacht management program as the most cost effective way to own the yacht of your dreams without worrying about the hassles and expenses of traditional yacht ownership.
      More about ...
    • Boat equipment – what you really should have on board


      Every boat or yacht must meet certain basic safety standards. The correct and reliable engine, the vessel’s hull in good condition and without leakage, the steering gear and all other equipment have to be functionally correct, it must be without any problem to perform the function it is intended for, and this is the basic safety conditions of each boat, regardless of its size and purpose.
      More about ...
    • Spring service - Checklist


      Like anything else, a boat has to be taken care of in order to operate properly and retain her in a good shape. The saltwater marine environment is tough on everything, and what the saltwater doesn’t attack, the sun does. Before you set off on your boat, very important thing to do is spring service. Spring service is not only one service, it is set of all services you need to do to make your boat run smoothly. Our technicians have listed below some important checkpoints to help you get an idea of what your yearly boat maintenance would be.
      More about ...
    • Top reasons for sailing in Croatia this summer


      If you want a dynamic holiday where you can decide for yourself where and how you will spend your time, then the perfect choice is sailing. We guarantee you a vacation where you will equally enjoy if you take it the open sea with your better half or with the whole family. Is widely known - Croatia is the most desirable destination for sailing.
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    • Registering a boat in Croatia - what to expect


      Pursuant to the Croatian law all vessels over 2.5 m long or vessels whose overall engine power is greater than 5 kW shall be entered in the boat register. The vessels are entered in the Register by the Harbour Master's Office or its branch office.
      More about ...
    • How to Buy a Pre-Owned (Used) Boat


      A pre-owned boat can give you many, many years of enjoyment and great moments on the sea. The right boat can cruise and do anything else you’d like—almost as good as a new boat. Plus, it will cost you less money, making it a wise investment. Here we bring you advices about the process and stages of buying a pre-owned boat from Euronautic in accordance to make buying process as much easier for you as possible.
      More about ...
    • Yearly Boat Maintenance Plan


      Many people dream of owning their own boat. Some of them love fishing, others enjoy wake boarding and water skiing, and some simply want a special place to share with their family and friends. Whatever the reason is, boat ownership is great opportunity for reach the dreams, but are you thinking about the cost, the repayment plans, or the cost of maintenance?
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