Guide to your smoother sailing vacation



  • No later than 5 days before your arrival, send us the completed crew list along with your mobile phone number.
  • Do not forget the following documents:

- Passports
- Charter contract (voucher)
- Skipper’s license (Please check here is your license on the list that the government approves)
- VHF license – at least one person from your crew  must hold a VHF license


  • If you are coming by car:

There is a ramp at the marina's entrance – take the ticket.

You are paying for the parking at the marina reception upon leaving.

The marina sets up the price for the parking, and you can check it. 


If you want to order food and beverages when you embark on the boat, don't hesitate to get in touch with our partner, who provides this service.



Check-in until 13 h, <42 feet 150€, >43 feet 200€, catamarans 250€ - payable upon reservation, limited offer, max five boats per Saturday.

In case of impossibility of service, Euronatic d.o.o. (EN) reserves the right to unilaterally refund the money paid in respect of agreed services “PRIORITY CHECK IN,” and in this case, the customer is not entitled to claim any further pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage on the ground of impossibility of fulfillment agreed services. The Client who confirmed the booking and made the advance payment establishes a legal relationship with EN and confirms compliance with this clause.


You can buy them in our office.


• Upon arrival at the base, you must register at the Euronautic office. Registration includes the settling of all fees due and the completion of documentation to ensure a quick check-in.

• Please respect the contracted check-in hour – we will do our best to have the boat ready for you a.s.a.p., but we need time to prepare and clean it.

• Due to a small reception office, we kindly ask you to have only one person at the reception desk (the best is the skipper).

• Payment can be made in EUR, cash, or credit card. There is an ATM at the entrance of the marina.



• Tourist tax must be paid at the base before embarkation for the entire accommodation period.

Adults pay 1,33 EUR per person daily, children 12-18 years pay 0,66 EUR, and children under 12 don’t pay tourist tax.



• A security deposit has to be paid before embarkation, in cash or by credit card slip with an imprint of the client’s card (VISA, DINERS, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO).

A non-refundable deposit (Deposit insurance) can be bought on the spot, and the price is 12% of the deposit for the first and second weeks. If there are three or more weeks, a client has to pay a new deposit insurance policy. The deposit insurance does not cover clogged toilets and waste tanks and the missing fuel for the fuel tank. Thus, the refundable part is obligated - 500€ (in cash or by credit card). For motor boats, the refundable part is 1000€ (in cash or by credit card).


• Base cost must be paid at the base before embarkation.


Check-in, Check-out, Final cleaning, Diver at the checkout, Gas, Made beds with bed linen for one week charter.

Price for < 42 feet: 220 EUR, Price for 43-49 feet: 250 EUR, Price for 50-57 feet: 290 EUR + Price for Catamarans, Hanse 588, Greenline 48 Fly and Greenline 45 Fly: 390 EUR (outboard engine included in the price of the base cost)



• Check-in of the boat is performed by Euronautic skipper + 1 crew member (skipper). They check the boat and ensure that all equipment is in place and functioning properly. You will also receive instructions about important fuses and the operation of the specific boat model and will be given instructions about using the toilette, gas, and outboard engine. If you have some unclear issues, please ask additional questions! Once you sign the check-in list, note down any damage so you don’t have to explain it at check-out.

• Our official check-in procedure starts at 17.00 h, as all our boats have to be cleaned and prepared for our clients.

• Please be aware that you will have to wait some time for our skipper to come on your boat and start the official check-in with you. While you wait, please check the inventory list and water tanks (we leave the water tanks empty so you can fill them with fresh water) and prepare potential questions for our skipper so you can have a more detailed and complete check-in.

• If you want an earlier check-in, see more details in our PRIORITY CHECK-IN.



• Our boats are equipped according to Croatian law and regulations. Boat equipment for each boat can be seen on our website.

• Safety on board is our priority, and all our boats have life jackets (for the maximum number of persons per boat), safety harnesses (3 or 6 per boat, depending on boat size and classification), fire extinguishers, first aid, and toolbox, etc. (check the inventory list of your boat to see all). Please do not hesitate to ask if you have additional questions at the check-in.

• Kitchen has stove, oven, fridge, sink, basic cooking utensils, and cutlery. Coffee machines, kitchen cloths, dish sponges and detergents, and toilet paper are not provided on board. Our boats are equipped with kitchen utensils for the number of people they can take for maximum capacity. Bed linen per person (sheets, blankets, pillows) is provided on every boat. Please check the price details for extra bed linen in our price list. Towels can be provided as an extra (set per person; 1 big + 2 small towels). Check our price list for more details.

• Electricity in Croatia is 220V, 50Hz. (standard European 2-point plugs). You can use standard 220V while in marinas or ports with 220V on piers. On the boat, you have 12V (same as in the car).



• Trolley is available – please ask our girls at the reception.

• Also, due to very slow water pressure in the marina during the summer – sometimes it is impossible to fill up the water tanks – so check if they are empty – please do not forget to fill them up yourselves.

• After checking in on the chartered boat, you will be handed the boat papers to leave the harbor with the boat.

• If you need some training, we offer you a short skipper training, the price is 80 € - it takes 3 hours, and you get a chance to practice berthing, sail usage, anchoring, and other basic skills.


Join us and pick up some general information about:

- Weather and different weather conditions
- General Sailing route recommendations
- Checking in/out from the marina
- Anchoring
- According to your questions



The client must remove all luggage and disembark from the boat by 9.00 am on the last day of the charter.

We recommend returning to the marina on Friday afternoon – check-out is possible on Friday for no extra costs – the underwater inspection on Friday is at 5.00 p.m.

We also recommend you come earlier to fill in the gas – due to a heavy crowd at the gas station on Friday.

You must show us the gas station invoice to prove the tank is full.

Skipper should call in at the reception desk after returning to the marina, announcing when he wishes to have the checkout.



If an early checkout is wanted – it has to be announced one day sooner – to get the diver on time – the price for the checkout at an unconstructed time is 100€ (base Biograd), 100€ (base Pirovac).



-         In the event of lateness, the client vouchers to pay a fine of 2% of the charter price for each hour exceeded. This fine is also charged if the boat is in the harbor but not empty with luggage and people.

-         For lateness over 12 hours, the client pays a daily charter price for every started calendar day.

-         All costs arising from the excess of the agreed check-out time are covered by the client, including the inspection of the underwater part of the hull.



  • The boat’s inventory must correspond with the signed check-in list and be in the same place as during check-in. The client pays all eventual losses.
  • When you return the boat, you will make an official check-out with our skipper. Our skipper and your skipper then check the boat. If there are no damages and all the boat’s inventory is intact, the deposit amount (paid at your check-in) will be returned to you. If there are any damages on the boat or any of its inventory is missing, it will be deducted from your security deposit. This does not refer to users of our deposit insurance (alternative deposit) (see our deposit insurance conditions). After you finish check-out on the boat, please proceed to our reception, where you will finish the procedure.
  • If the boat is not returned with a full fuel tank, the missing fuel and the tank filling service will be charged to the client (100 €-base Biograd / 100 €-base Pirovac).
  • The client is obliged to take garbage and waste off the boat and leave it at the designated place in the marina (next to the marina reception – at the entrance). Also, the client is obligated to leave the kitchen utensil clean.
  • If you come by car – first go with the ticket to the marina reception to pay for the parking, then move your car (otherwise, you can get stuck at the marina’s ramp).
  • The client is obliged to IMMEDIATELY notify Euronautic in case of any defect of the boat or its equipment. Euronautic is obliged to repair the defect within 24 hours of receiving the notification. The client has no right to repair the boat or any part of its equipment without Euronautic’s previous approval.

Our service number is:+385 (0)98 1620 644

Thank you for sailing with us! 

Euronautic team


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