You decided on buying a small yacht – and what now


Ever considered buying a small yacht for yourself to enjoy during vacation time? Somehow it always seemed like a big step and a big responsibility. Find out how you can have a yacht and make your life easier. And make a profit, too.

Recently, we have all become aware that the world's situation has changed how people view their vacations. People worldwide want to experience more, want to experience as much as they can in a short time, in those two or three weeks of a vacation.
Everybody wants to have a proper vacation, and they mostly want it far away from others, far from the traffic crowds, and to see and do as much as possible.

Gone are the times when chartering a yacht was reserved for some people. Today, vessels of all shapes and sizes are available to all. For what is best, people stopped believing in common misconceptions about sailing and yachts.

Every year, more people charter a yacht to spend their vacation sailing, whether in a sailing yacht, a catamaran, or just cruising around the Croatian coast in a motorboat.
As it turns out, buying a small yacht is proven to be the best, safest and most secure way to get far from it all as possible.

As a result of sailing being one of the best ways to spend a vacation, the need has arisen for people to want to buy a boat for themselves. So, if you are one of them, we can give you information on how to buy a boat and what to keep in mind. If you are not interested in the subject, just remember that owning a boat is one of the best ways to invest your savings or income. Trust us, many people are investing in real estate or simply – yachts. And why is that so?

Do you need a yacht? Sure, you do.

A yacht or a boat can give you what other types of vacation cannot – freedom to go where you want and when you want to along the Croatian coast.

First things first - there are some things you have to know when buying a small yacht:
• Choose a yacht that suits your needs
• Choose a vessel that will be easy to maintain
• Buy a boat from certified sellers

There are always ups and downs when buying anything, so make sure you weigh your pros and cons before buying a boat.

The upsides of buying a smaller yacht are that it's cheaper, of course, and it's also less expensive to maintain. Buying a smaller boat allows you to navigate it easily by yourself or with a small crew. It makes your family cruise vacation cosy and connected.

The downsides are that a smaller yacht usually means less space for you and your company and less storage space. A smaller yacht can often feel confined, but rest assured – on vacation, any vessel, big or small, usually serves you to get from one place to another. You will spend most of your time swimming, sunbathing and enjoying summer activities.

Smaller boats have smaller fuel and water tanks, but they will serve you just fine as on the Croatian coast, everything is close by, and every small town has a small marina or a mooring location.

We have found even the good sides to the thing that might divert you from buying a smaller yacht but remember that a smaller yacht also means easier manoeuvring and more effortless docking in a marina.

But whatever we say or do, if you want to buy a boat – just buy it. You can always return your investment.

Buying a small yacht can be quite an investment

Well, how - you may ask? Relatively easy, we might add.
When buying a small yacht, you must know that the vessel itself is not the only investment. No matter how big or small, every boat requires regular maintenance and a docking place during the off-season.

It is good to keep in mind that it is said that approximately 10% of the vessel's worth is a yearly cost of maintenance.

And then there is the issue of "where to park it", where to store it during winter, eventually finding a mooring, etc.

You have to be aware that for a vessel to be considered a yacht, it has to be 12m long (40ft), and a small yacht would be just around that length. Why do we consider 12m yachts small ones? Because in comparison, the longest yacht in the world is 179.7m (590ft) in length.

How hard is it to get a mooring in Croatia

Finding mooring in Croatian marinas can be an issue. Although the Croatian coast has many marinas, the mooring spaces are in demand with a long waiting list.

Finding an adequate dry dock can be pretty challenging if you are not living in Croatia. And also, quite a cost.

So, if you buy a small yacht and use it a few weeks in a year, all the other time, it's just sitting there in a marina or a dry dock and costing you additional money.

If you think that that is not an excellent way to spend money, as people usually do, charter management is the best option for you.

Never heard of it? Allow us to explain in more detail.

Charter management is the answer to your questions

So, if you want to have your cake and eat it, the best way is to "give" your yacht to charter management.
Why? Well, it's simple. You want to return your investment, don't you?

So yes, it is a simple and intelligent way to enjoy your boat and have your money back.

Charter management is a straightforward procedure in which you give us your boat, we rent it, and you earn money from it. In truth, it's not as easy as that, but that is the essence of it.

A mutual agreement based on trust and our long experience – you trust us to book your yacht as much as possible and to maintain it properly and with care - and we do just that.

Booking vessels in Euronautic charter management charter is organised in cooperation with 150 nautical agencies worldwide. So be sure your vessel will be booked for a good number of weeks during the sailing season. And yes, yachts are, by rule, rented to guests only weekly.

As an owner, we provide you with a login system allowing you to supervise the status of your yacht's bookings at any time and at any place.

What is left to you? To choose the period you want to spend a vacation on your yacht – all other weeks are left to our care.

In the end, what can yacht charter management do for you?

Well, we are glad you asked. Euronautic has one of the best charter management programs in the area, if we may be so humble.

Our charter management program charges maintenance and repair annually, so you can plan your budget.

Indeed, all things considered, buying a small yacht is easy. Naming it is easy. All other stuff can be a nuisance. Yacht charter management gives you a return on investment in a couple of years, but the best thing is that you have a secure mooring for your yacht.

We can advise if you have any questions and provide a detailed analysis of how long your investment will take to return. We can also help you with all legal matters and provide options if you recently decided to buy a small yacht.

Contact us or visit us in our bases in beautiful Biograd in Marina Kornati or picturesque Pirovac. We are your perfect sailing partner in Croatia for a reason.


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