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It is a legal requirement that crew lists are sent to the Croatian Ministry for Maritime Affairs, and every charter boat in Croatia's waters has to have one. So, no matter if you're using our charter management services or are hiring a boat for the first time, this is obligatory. One of the reasons is that tourist tax can be calculated based on this, plus it allows the authorities to keep track of the people who enter the country.


Fortunately, you don't need to worry about dealing with loads of unnecessary paperwork to be able to sail. No, we make things as simple as possible for you: we provide you with a link where you just input some necessary information such as the name, age, citizenship, and a few other details for each person aboard, no matter if they're a passenger or just a crew member. Afterward, you return the data, and we take everything from there.

This makes the check-in process so much faster, easier, and convenient for you because all you have to do once you fill everything out is show up and get aboard. Before you take off, we will issue the official crew list at the reception desk, and you'll be good to go. Simple, right?

In short, the crew list link will be sent to you so you can fill it directly in the system to fulfill the legal requirement. We kindly ask you to enter the data of each passenger. The other option is that we handle this paperwork for you. In that case, you must complete the crew list form, which you can download below (please do not send us crew lists filled out in handwritten!).


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