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    • New Year's Resolutions: Buying a boat


      Every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to get a positive change or some life improvements. The common themes each year include a more active approach to health and fitness, improved finances, and learning new things for personal and professional development.
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    • Getting your boat ready for winter


      It is commonly accepted, that charter employees, at the end of the season, lock their office and go on a vacation. Unfortunately, it is not everything as it seems. At the end of each charter season, it is necessary to make an analysis of the past sailing season, sum up all revenues and expenses, and prepare reports for the boat owner. Also, suggestions should be made to improve the upcoming season. The charter activity in Croatia is specific because immediately after the conclusion of one charter season, we open bookings for the upcoming season, which means that in agreement with the owners, we should immediately determine the prices of the boat per week, the weeks available for the charter and all the details required to continue your cooperation.
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    • Top 5 places to visit from our new charter base in Pirovac


      The sailing season has just ended, and we can't wait for the next one! Why? Because ten new boats are coming to our charter fleet, beautiful new sailboats and one catamaran. What really makes us happy is the opening of our new charter base in Pirovac. Namely, apart from our main base in Biograd na Moru, from next year our guests will be able to sail out from Marina Pirovac. Pirovac is picturesque small town located 20 km south from Biograd nm. It's a small, known fishermen's village with a protected port where a couple of years ago beautiful modern marina was built. Despite being small, the marina is equipped with all the necessary facilities, and nearby you can find supermarket, pharmacy, bank, ATM, restaurants as well as many coffee shops. Meaning, all that you can find necessary you will find in marina or its vicinity.
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    • Ready for the new yacht charter season in Croatia


      One more successful sailing season is coming to an end! Therefore, we are grateful to our dear guests and all the partners we have worked with, during 2019. We hope that our cooperation will continue the following year. We are proud of results of another successful season, but we are also aware that the collaboration with quality partners and loyal guests has contributed to this. To continue with this good practice, our hard-working team has prepared some news for the next sailing season that we are proudly presenting.
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    • Enjoy Autumn Sailing In Croatia


      If you are a person who does not enjoy the sun scorching your skin, you can hardly breathe in the hot summer days or do not like the summer crowds in marinas or at sea, keep reading - this is the blog for you! The Croatian coast is beautiful all year round and is worth a visit even when the summer heat drops slightly. In the summer, many tourists leave, and in the fall, Croatia becomes an ideal destination for those who enjoy exploring the coastal towns, sailing and discovering the beautiful quiet coves. The sailing season in Croatia runs from April to the end of October, and sailing enthusiasts generally choose September and October for their vacation. In this blog, we’ve tried to find out why, and have gathered the reasons why these periods are the most interesting to the real sailors!
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    • One week charter sailing – what to do


      Sailing is always so much fun! No matter the length or type of the boat, the moment you embark you'll become sea adventurers. Whether you’re on board with kids or friends, spending seven days in a small space like a boat can be quite a challenge. But, when initial enthusiasm disappears, it’s necessary to have planned activities to do onboard. And no, we don’t refer only to the period when the kids are on board. Even adults can get bored by constant swimming, tanning and chatting. So, here is the list of activities you can do onboard during one charter week.
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    • Charter sailing without unexpected costs


      Vacation is part of the year that everyone is eagerly waiting for, and if you plan to spend your vacation on board, we believe that you can’t wait for that check-in Saturday. As for every holiday, it is crucial to plan your journey, some activities and pack adequate clothes and suitable equipment. Chartering a boat is ideal for all those who are sea, wind and nature lovers, but it should be carefully planned. Where to go, what to bring with you how to entertain the kids, are just some of the questions that arise when we talk about seven days on board. But, the most important question of all is: How much does it cost? In this blog, you can read about overall cost expenses you can expect during your chosen charter week.
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    • Top 5 restaurants in the Kornati archipelago


      If you are a true sailing enthusiast who wants to explore the beautiful Croatian coast and islands, it is almost impossible not to hear about the Kornati. The Kornati archipelago was called "the nautical paradise" because it includes 89 islands and islets. Most of these islands are uninhabited, which is an additional benefit for those who want to enjoy the untouched seaside during their vacation. It’s only several nautical miles away from our base, and the true oasis of pristine natural beauty. That is also confirmed by the fact that most of the islands and islets in the Kornati archipelago are part of the National Park Kornati. The Kornati have become an inevitable destination for families with kids, sailors beginners, but also for those experienced ones. Whether sailing means a sport or recreation for you, you will definitely find a piece of paradise for yourself in the Kornati Archipelago! But, as it is known, you cannot sail on an empty stomach! That's why we have made a brief guide of excellent restaurants in the Kornati area. Discover where they are located, what their story is, and which delicious food you can eat there.
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    • Spring sailing in Croatia


      With a large number of islands, incredible natural beauty and excellent weather conditions, Croatia has become one of the most popular destinations for holidays in Europe. Besides natural beauty, there are many activities you can enjoy and many facilities which can make your vacation unforgettable. One of the most popular activities in Croatia is definitely sailing. But it is important to note that the season of sailing in Croatia is not exclusively related to the summer months.
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    • Yacht Charter Management Programme – how we deal with it


      You've probably once in your life thought it would be great to have your boat, then picked up paper and pen and began to record revenue and expenses that came with the owning of the vessel. At this step, someone will give up, and others will take that big step and become proud owners of the boat. Whether you belong to one or the other group of people, we believe that you have considered yacht management programs as a business opportunity. On the market, there are many available different programs where boat owners can accomplish any of their private or business ambitions.
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