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    • No Stress Charter Management


      Yacht charter management is a good way to reduce costs of owning a boat, so if you think about buying a boat, take into consideration putting it into charter to work for you when you are not using it. Charter management program makes your dream of having your own vessel come true, but there are different types of management programs offered by the charter industry so be sure that you’ll get what you expect.
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    • Sailing destination: Croatia – where to go, what to do


      Croatia is one of the world’s top sailing destinations and has a very good reason for that. There are a lot of things that Croatia can offer you as just one country – beautiful coast with thousands of islands, remarkable cities and natural landscapes and a history harking back far beyond the Romans. Embellish your stay with fine wine, typical food and a culinary culture which is so rich and specific in every city and small town, but the only hard part is deciding where to go first.
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    • Sailing holiday in Croatia – How to prepare yourself?


      How do you imagine sailing holiday? Just like a relaxing experience or an adrenaline adventure? You would like to try it, but you feel uncomfortable of getting yourself into an unknown area? Croatian beautiful coast is ideal for sailing. Great climate conditions and the exceptionally indented coast with its numerous islands and islets make Croatia a perfect choice for sailing. When it comes to sailing, we shouldn't mix up sailing as a sport and recreational sailing activity. However, they have one thing in common. Sailing in Croatia will be enjoyable for both; adrenaline junkies who prefer fast winds and those who want to spend their vacation by relaxing while easy sailing, swimming or just spending their quality time with friends and family.
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    • New charter season – New boats to enjoy


      Ending successful charter season Now, at the end of the season 2017, we can proudly say that this year was hugely successful for Euronautic. We are proud and happy that we successfully managed to have a fleet of more than 50 different vessels. Thanks to our excellent yacht charter management conditions and trust of our present boat owners we have the opportunity to expand our fleet with six completely new sailing yacht types which makes it 16 new boats in overall. We believe that the season 2018 will be prosperous and will allow our guests unforgettable sailing vacation in Croatia.
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    • Charter Management Contract – things you should pay attention to


      You've finally made a lifetime decision of being owner of the boat and you've realized that the simplest way to truly enjoy your boat would be if someone takes care of the boat. Charter management program seems to be the right solution for you just, but there are many programs on the market and you simply do not know which one would be right for you.
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    • How to prepare and sell your boat successfully


      You've paid a deposit for a new boat, but you couldn't get rid of the old one? That problem makes you extremely nervous, especially because you know that money you've received from the sold, the used boat could be enough to cover your down payment and it would also significantly reduce your loan rates. Of course, that would happen only in case the boat is sold at the price you've firstly set and that's quite an adventure.
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    • Small Guide for Buying a Used Sailboat (for Charter)


      Do you have any idea what to look for when you want to buy used sail boat? Most of the people look for cool things on the boats and they end up picking a boat mostly based on its look. To avoid buying a boat full of problems and which can end up being very costly to deal with, we share some of our advice in hope of helping you buy a good used boat. Use these easy tips to get started.
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    • Euronautic's 4 Step Yacht Charter Management Program


      How to become a boat owner? Are you worried that you will not be able to return this investment and that the maintenance of the yacht is too expensive? Or, maybe you already have your own boat, but it gives you great headaches? An option to consider if you are buying new and planning to keep the yacht is yacht management program as the most cost effective way to own the yacht of your dreams without worrying about the hassles and expenses of traditional yacht ownership.
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    • Boat equipment – what you really should have on board


      Every boat or yacht must meet certain basic safety standards. The correct and reliable engine, the vessel’s hull in good condition and without leakage, the steering gear and all other equipment have to be functionally correct, it must be without any problem to perform the function it is intended for, and this is the basic safety conditions of each boat, regardless of its size and purpose.
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    • Spring service - Checklist


      Like anything else, a boat has to be taken care of in order to operate properly and retain her in a good shape. The saltwater marine environment is tough on everything, and what the saltwater doesn’t attack, the sun does. Before you set off on your boat, very important thing to do is spring service. Spring service is not only one service, it is set of all services you need to do to make your boat run smoothly. Our technicians have listed below some important checkpoints to help you get an idea of what your yearly boat maintenance would be.
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