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    • Why yacht base Pirovac makes a good starting point


      Pirovac and its marina with their perfect location, make an ideal sailing starting spot. There are many facts that make this small Adriatic town so special and unique.
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    • Experience events and festivals while sailing in Croatia


      Would you like a unique sailing experience? Why not also explore some of the fantastic Croatian events while sailing. There's something for everyone from world-famous music festivals to lesser-known local celebrations.
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    • 7 tips to organise perfect family sailing vacation


      Yes, a family sailing vacation is definitely the best vacation ever, but preparation is half the fun. If you are one of those people who like to be prepared, but even if you're not, we will give you 7 basic tips on how to make your sailing vacation with the family as complication-free and smooth as possible.
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    • Top 10 best sailing blogs to follow


      Sailing is a completely different lifestyle and there is a whole community of people who spend their lives on sailing yacht and catamarans, exploring the world. If you want to learn more about them and their adventures, check out our list.
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    • Plan your sailing vacation


      Prepare in advance and make your sailing trip on a charter yacht as smooth as possible. We give you 5 important tips for planning your vacation. Preparation and planning ahead makes many things easier and can also be a good guiding principle for life in general. Being organized is half the work and a well-prepared and organized vacation is no different. It is a good decision to plan ahead before you go on vacation so that there are no surprises and no missing things that you need. You should also plan your meals in advance so that you do not find yourself in the middle of the open sea without food or other essentials. And now you have decided to travel to Croatia and sail along the coast. An excellent choice. The Croatian coast is perfect for a vacation full of activities, where you can also relax and recharge your batteries.
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    • Family cruise vacation in Croatia – a few general tips


      Turbulent times have dawned and changed the way we perceive everything, including vacations. One thing has quickly become clear: we all want and need to be safe and protected. Especially when we travel with kids and our family. Chartering a yacht is one of the safest ways to spend a family vacation. On a chartered yacht in Croatia, you can safely sail the most beautiful stretches of coastline you have ever seen. But besides considering COVID19 protection, a vacation on a boat is the best way to really enjoy and relax. Even people who have never sailed before have recently discovered their appreciation for this experience. How could they not, because sailing is something incomparable.
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    • Yacht charter services - what makes the difference


      There are a lot of things you need to consider when you hand over your boat to a charter company. There are also many small but essential things that distinguish one charter company from another. With all the services that yacht charter companies offer, you should make sure that your choice suits you in every way. Even with a wide range of services to choose from, sometimes it is only one that makes the difference for you as a boat owner. It is important that you know what to expect from the charter company of your choice and what their business practises are. When choosing a company to charter your vessel, your satisfaction must come first, and a good partnership and quality bookings should be your priority. There are also a few things that should be important and that really make the difference between a good charter company and an excellent one.
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    • Why yacht charter management is a good investment?


      What a difference a profit makes and other stories about how you can make the most of owning a yacht. There are a few reasons why you should charter a yacht that you own. If you are not interested in making money, there is also the option of chartering only enough to cover your expenses. Let us say it's enough to cover maintenance costs and pay the mortgage if you have one. Another option is to make a profit, which should certainly be your goal. Other people who are not as fortunate as you and own their own boat will certainly enjoy a bit of sailing and experiencing what you can on any given day. Allow us to introduce you to all the benefits of chartering your boat, as we are sure that you will have all the advantages and none of the disadvantages that most people usually face it.
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    • My Boat App - Elevate your boat owner experience


      Having a boat and providing exceptional sailing experiences to others seems like a simple enough task. Essentially all that a boat owner must do is choose a good charter company. But a boat owner needs to consider a list of things - mainly to find a company with management services that will simplify boat ownership, be stress-free, and cost-effective. The first and foremost thing you need to pay attention to is that a company of your choice includes you in all the essential elements of customer service and ownership if that is your wish, of course.
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    • Why Croatia is the best vacation destination for sailors


      Croatia is well known to most as a summer destination. Especially among residents of EU countries, for whom it is easily accessible by car. They choose to spend their summer holidays in Croatia, mainly on its coast. How could it be otherwise when the Mediterranean climate with hot summers and the beautiful Adriatic Sea, one of the cleanest in the world, offers the perfect combination for a family or youth vacation. For these reasons, Croatia is also a paradise for sailors. Whether you are an experienced sailor who loves challenges or a complete beginner, Croatia is an excellent destination for you. Read further to discover the top reasons why you should put Croatia on your travel list.
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