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    Katarina Vujević Babara

    For Katarina Vujević Babara, working in tourism is an absolute pleasure. She is a true Dalmatian girl who was born in Split that likes to travel, meet new people and experience different cultures. As an executive manager, she contributes to company growth and the organization in general.

    Marko Babara

    Marko Babara is our base manager Has a long experience in nautical industry and since he was born in Biograd, he spent most of his life on boats and at the sea.

    Jelena Turčinov

    Jelena Turčinov, our booking manager, takes care of all inquiries in a fast, efficient and kind way. Her work represents an important contribution to the administrative part of Euronautic.

    Ante Jukić

    Ante Jukić has long experience in charter business. He contributes with his enthusiasm and goodwill, and always has a smile for our guests.

    Marina Barbaroša

    Marina Barbaroša is our reception manager – a meticulous and hardworking professional. She aslo has a deep passion for sailing and the nautical business.

    Sara Mikas

    Sara Mikas is a member of our booking team.She is learning all positions in charter bussines.

    Davorka Marinović

    Davorka Marinović is our account manager, with a long experience in that departement.

    Jakov Ferara 

    Jakov Ferara is serious and committed worker who is always ready to help our clients. As an electrician in the base, he ensures that you have the perfect sailing experience.

    Stipe Babara

    Stipe Babara is one of the youngest members of our team and is just discovering his passion for sailing and the nautical business.

    Filip Šindija

    Filip Šindija works as skipper. With his detailed and professional check-in process, he helps to make your sailing safe.

    Saša Režan

    Saša Režan is a responsible and worthy skipper, who also works on boat maintenance and is perpetually learning new skills.

    Ivan Ćurković

    Ivan Ćurković works on boat maintenance. He has a great desire to learn and develop his nautical skills.


     Stipe Pešić

    Stipe Pešić is committed worker with long experience in charter industry. As an electrician in the base, he ensures that everything works immaculate. He's always ready to help our guests.


    Ante Mršić

     Ante Mršić works on boat maintenance.He has a great desire to learn and develop his nautical skills.

    Sandra Pezelj

    Sandra Pezelj is our main housekeeper. She thinks that attention to detail and quality care when cleaning a boat is incredibly important for its maintenance. She has a great personality and is always ready to give you a smile.



    Ante Pikunić 

    Ante Pikunić is one of the younger members of our team. He's a proffesional mechanic who is always willing to help his colleagues.

    Ana Jajčanin

    Ana Jajčanin is one of our housekeepers. She is very commited to her job and is always willing to help out. 

    Jadranko Peraić

    Jadranko Peraić is an excellent mechanic with long experience in charter business.









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