Check-In / Check-Out Procedure

    Your journey with us starts and finishes at the marina, so we make the process of checking in and out as efficient and professional as possible. Here are some things you need to know.

    Check-In Procedure

    You will need to send us your completed crew list and your telephone number before checking in. Make sure you send these so that we have them at least five days before your check-in date.

    There are also some essential documents that you must bring with you too:

    • Passports for everyone onboard
    • The charter contract
    • The skipper's license
    • A VHF license - at least one person on your crew must have a VHF license

    To ensure that you are checked in as quickly as possible, please arrive at the marina at the agreed time. When you arrive, please visit the office first to complete the required documentation and pay any outstanding fees. You will also need to pay a security deposit, which can be done by cash or credit card.

    You must also pay a tourist tax at the office prior to boarding. . The current tourist tax rates are:

    • Adults – 10 kn per person per day
    • Children aged 12 to 18 – 5 kn per person per day
    • Children under 12 - free

    After you finish in the office, you will go through a briefing with a Euronautic member of staff at your boat. Once that is complete, you will be given the boat's papers and can leave the harbor with the vessel.

    If any of the equipment on the boat is faulty, you should notify Euronautic immediately. The service number is +385 (0)98 1620 644. We guarantee to repair the problem within 24 hours of notification. You should not attempt any sort of repairs to the boat or its equipment without prior agreement from a member of the Euronautic management team.

    Check-Out Procedure

    To avoid late fees, please ensure that your luggage is removed from the vessel and that you disembark before 09:00 on the last day of the charter. The current late fee rates are:

    • 2% of the daily charter price for every hour late up to 12 hours
    • If you are over 12 hours late, you will be charged the full daily charter price
    • Subsequent days late will also be charged at the full daily charter price

    You may also be subject to additional charges if you go over the agreed check-out time, including fees to cover an underwater inspection of the hull.

    The boat's inventory will be checked once you disembark. You may be charged for any losses to this inventory.

    Please return your vessel with a full fuel tank. If the tank is not full, you will be charged for the missing fuel plus a €50 including VAT service charge.

    You are also responsible for removing rubbish from the vessel and leaving the kitchen utensils clean. Rubbish can be left at the designated area at the marina.


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