Charter management

Charter management

Profitable, safe and transparent charter management.

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Allow us to take care of your boat, so that you can enjoy sailing on it!

Suppose you've always dreamt of owning a boat but are still determining the process, concerned about costs, repayment plans, or maintenance expenses, and feel like it's more of a hassle than a pleasure. In that case, Euronautic's yacht charter management service provides the ideal solution.

Experience charter management that ensures profitability, safety, and transparency. Allow us to manage the upkeep of your boat, ensuring you can fully savor the pleasures of sailing on your very own boat.


Why Choose Euronautic?


  • High-Quality, Detailed, and Professional Yacht Service and maintenance

    High-Quality, Detailed, and Professional Yacht Service and maintenance

    We are committed to providing excellent, professional service that meets all your needs. With more than 20 years of experience, we can take care of boats and yachts of any type and size. You can trust us to give your boat the best care possible.
  • Best Number of Booked Weeks in the Industry

    Best Number of Booked Weeks in the Industry

    Benefit from a high volume of booked weeks, maximizing the returns on your boat investment through our effective charter management program.
  • Real-time Access to Yacht Management Software, MyYacht

    Real-time Access to Yacht Management Software, MyYacht

    Enjoy the convenience of online access to our advanced yacht management system, which provides real-time insights and transparency into your boat's performance and service history, invoicing, and more.
  • The fantastic location of our bases in the heart of the best nautical destination on the planet

    The fantastic location of our bases in the heart of the best nautical destination on the planet

    - Base Biograd na Moru
    - Base Pirovac
    - Sv. Filip and Jakov - brand new marina, coming soon.

Constantly evolving

Constantly evolving

We strive to stay on top, ever-evolving our services for our boat owners and guests.

We've grown over the 20 years from a small family charter to one of the top charter companies in Croatia.

A few items we have in the pipe/coming soon:

• Brand new marina Sv. Filip and Jakov, project 2025
• The exclusive monotype fleet of First 36 is the first of its kind. Project 2025
• Official Galeon test center
• There is a new laundry service, boat service area, and offices with storage compartments for yacht owners near the marina Biograd n/m.



Charter Management Program Overview

Charter Management Program Overview

Our charter management program covers all types of boats, ranging from 2 to 5 cabins. The program is designed to yield a return on investment within the 6-9-year period, contingent on general conditions.

Owners can decide when to use their boat with no specified time constraints. The frequency of use depends on their preference and how quickly they aim to achieve a complete return on their investment.


Our fleet and bases

Our fleet and bases

Euronautic's primary facility is in Biograd na Moru, specifically in the modern section of the Marina Kornati, close to the town center. The marina boasts comprehensive infrastructure, making it an excellent starting point for a sailing vacation in Croatia. Our base offers complimentary internet access, and our dedicated customer support team is readily available to assist you.

We have a second base situated in the newly constructed marina in Pirovac. This marina provides all essential facilities and is acclaimed by sailors as an excellent starting point for sailing towards the Kornati or southern Dalmatian islands.

Our extensive fleet comprises 106 boats, encompassing sailboats, catamarans, and motorboats crafted by premier European manufacturers.

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We take pride in offering vessel owners one of the most cost-effective booking provisions in the Croatian market.

Boat rentals (booking) are coordinated with 200 nautical agencies globally. The expertise of our professional team enables us to secure a substantial number of weeks, ensuring the maintenance of the vessel's marina berths and generating profits.

Our extensive repeater guests will ensure your boats will always be among the top-booked boats on the Croatian market. We strive to improve guest services by providing contemporary booking procedures utilizing all available IT tools, and a customer-oriented team will ensure all guests on your boat will want to return each year.

Through MyBoat software, every owner has 24/7 access to the booking list, allowing them to check the status from the comfort of their home.

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We conduct annual maintenance on your boat at a fixed cost, providing owners with a straightforward budgeting process. Owners receive detailed information about the work carried out on the boat, covering both routine maintenance and unforeseen issues or damages. We value the input of boat owners, and any thoughts they have on the maintenance process are professionally considered and taken into account.


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Charter management invoices

Charter management invoices

Every month, owners receive detailed invoices outlining the work completed on the boat. The sales report includes a comprehensive list of all existing bookings, featuring pertinent information such as selling prices, discounts, commissions, and more.

Owners can access comprehensive details on all maintenance work on their boat anytime. This commitment to transparency ensures that owners can stay informed and confident about the condition and care of their boats throughout the charter management program.

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4 steps to yacht charter management

Once you've decided to join our charter management program, you gain access to the boats at the most competitive prices in the market. Our successful partnerships with leading boat manufacturers and suppliers ensure you get the best value.

Choose the boat that aligns with your preferences and requirements. Our diverse fleet offers options for varying needs, ensuring you find the perfect boat for your charter management venture.

The process involves four essential steps for completing the charter management contract. These steps will be clearly outlined and facilitated to ensure a smooth and transparent transition into the charter management program.




    Explore the benefits of our professional consulting services, providing in-depth analyses of revenues and expenditures tailored to the specific boat of your choice. We aim to offer comprehensive insights that empower informed decision-making for your maritime investments.


    We will help you take all the legal measures required by Croatian law.


    Collaborating with our esteemed banking partners, we are dedicated to assisting you in identifying the most suitable financing option for your boat. We aim to tailor financial solutions that align with your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a well-crafted approach to financing your maritime investment.


    Once you've selected your preferred boat, we will sign a contract for 5 to 10 years, depending on your preferences as the owner. The flexibility of our arrangement allows for the contract to be terminated annually, allowing you to adapt the agreement to your evolving needs and circumstances.

What our clients say about us


  • Marko Gardašević, Slovenija

    Marko Gardašević, Slovenija

    "I have been in the charter industry for over 15 years. During this time I have worked with various yacht charter partners and I can say that Euronautic Yacht Charter is the best choice for sailing enthusiasts..." Read more

  • Jakša Balen, Croatia

    Jakša Balen, Croatia

    "Thanks to their charter management service, owning a boat with Euronautic is a breeze. They care for all the details and costs, ensuring profitability, safety, and transparency..." Read more

  • Bartlomiej Stawecki, Poljska

    Bartlomiej Stawecki, Poljska

    "Euronautic Yacht Charter is the best choice for sailing enthusiasts. They have a large fleet of modern and reliable boats and offer excellent services and support. Even far away, I always know exactly what...." Read more

  • Finn Sandholm, Denmark

    Finn Sandholm, Denmark

    "I have been a charter client of Euronautic for several years, and I always dreamed of having my own sailing boat. I turned to them for advice, and today I am a proud boat owner experiencing pure joy...." Read more

Look no further if you're looking for Croatia's premier charter management company. Make the smart choice for your maritime investment.

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