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    Have you always wanted to become a boat owner, but don't know how? Are you worried about the cost, the repayment plans, or the cost of maintenance? Maybe you already have a boat and it's more of a hassle than a pleasure. If you've ever felt this way, then Euronautic's charter management service is the ideal solution.

    Making your boat available for hire in the weeks that it's not in use helps to cover your maintenance and marina fees. In addition, you will have made a profit at the end of the year! We also take on the responsibility for all the upkeep of your boat, so you don't have to worry about its condition. All you need to do is check the monthly invoices we send you and enjoy sailing your boat any time you choose.

    This is the best way to get more out of your yacht investment and enjoy sailing at Biograd n/m, one of the world's premium and most sought-after sailing destinations. After all, the best way to enjoy your boat is to have it pay for its own upkeep and make you a profit during those times when you're not able to sail. This comprehensive offer will help you achieve this. Our program maximizes your return on investment while giving you full flexibility in your holiday planning.

    Finally, the fees we charge are the lowest on the market, leaving more money for your boat and your pocket.

    Here's how it works.

    Getting You Set Up

    At Euronautics, we help you set up a Croatian company so that you can do business in Croatia. This applies if you are located outside the EU. The fixed cost for this is around €800, and you will need to keep roughly €2,700 of capital in the new company account.


    Holiday travelers book your boat through us directly or through selected agencies. Our extensive list of selected agencies numbers over 400! Potential travelers can also find us on all the major online booking platforms. In addition, our team of experienced and motivated sales staff ensure that booking levels are kept as high as possible. This means great sales results and a high number of charter weeks sold.

    Our booking system is online, so you can log in whenever you want to check when your boat is booked, and when it's free.


    All maintenance on your boat is done by us on a fixed cost basis, which makes it easy for you to plan and budget. We will send you detailed reports outlining all the work that we complete.

    The maintenance program for your boat goes through four phases:

    • Regular annual maintenance
    • Seasonal maintenance (preparing the boat for charter)
    • Winter service
    • Spring service (before the first charter)

    Every month, we will send you an invoice that details the work completed on your boat and the charters that are booked. The latter includes all relevant information, including the selling price, discounts, and any commission paid.

    Additionally, you can access detailed reports of annual maintenance work at any time. You can also request a copy of your boat's service book, which contains detailed information about all the work completed on it while it has been in our charter management program. This means that when it comes time to sell your boat, a detailed log outlining the boat's complete service history could be presented to potential buyers.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Strong charter sales to maximize the revenue your boat generates
    • Lowest booking fees in the industry so you keep more
    • All maintenance work is carried out by skilled and experienced personnel
    • Professional cleaning to keep your boat in excellent condition
    • Great location with good transportation links and attractions. Also, the marina is in the center of town.
    • Professional advice and assistance with anything to do with your boat
    • Friendly, knowledgeable and courteous team

    Buying A Boat

    If you don't have a boat yet, but think that a charter management arrangement would suit your needs, we can help. Our trained and experienced boat professionals can advise you on the type of boat that best suits your needs. We will also look at your budget and help put financing arrangements in place. We have excellent partnerships with a number of banks to help you finance your boat. The deposit options range from 20 to 50%.

    We handle the entire process of buying a boat to make it as straightforward as possible. Our long-term relationships with the best boat dealers in Europe also mean that you get the best possible price. Furthermore, we arrange delivery, transport, and all charter equipment. This includes safety equipment, electrical equipment, bed linen, kitchen equipment, out boarder and more! Everything that we supply will be quality checked to ensure that it meets our high standards. This will give you peace of mind that you are getting the best value for your money.

    In addition to this, we also handle all import procedures. We then register your boat and arrange insurance.

    Finally, we establish a charter management agreement for your boat. This helps with the costs of owning a boat and ensures that it is properly maintained. The agreement lasts for five years (or longer if required). It is the most cost-effective way to own, maintain, and spend time on your boat.

    Working With Us

    Euronautic has been involved in chartering boats since 2002, so we have extensive experience in the market. Our company mission is to provide a service that makes boat ownership easier and more enjoyable for our clients.

    We currently have 60 boats in our fleet, most of which are sailing boats, typically Jeanneau, Bavaria, Beneteau, Elan and Dufour models.

    We are located in the new part of Marina Kornati in Biograd's beautiful old town center. Our team is experienced, friendly and professional. We adopt the highest standards of service to look after you, your boat, and the people hiring it.

    To find out more about our charter management service, contact us here.


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    At Euronautic, we are passionate about sailing and the sea, and will do everything that we can to help you realize your nautical desires and goals.

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