Skipper training

Skipper training

Skipper training is intended for all who want to improve their sailing knowledge.

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Skipper training

Skipper training is intended for all who want to improve their sailing knowledge. The goal of the training is an intensive practical revision and improving of sailing knowledge.


Theoretic courses and practical training

Theoretic courses and practical training

The skipper training aims to enable the participants with an intensive practical revision of knowledge acquired formerly, so every further self-reliant sailing trip will take place organized, professionally, and without any worries.

Theoretic courses and practical training will be carried out by sailing with professionals, a top class sailer and an educational theorist. Each participant will do exercises for all sailing positions and tasks on the sailing boat also as a helmsman where the tasks and positions will be exchanged systematically.

The acquired knowledge will surely be worth a mint and will contribute to faster and safer shipping.


The price includes: hiring a modern equipped sailing boat, professional guidance by a skilled skipper – instructor, program organisation, tax and base costs (final cleaning, bedding, towels, gas...)

Additional charge: food and beverages on the boat, fuel, roads beyond the registered marina.


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