How does chartering a yacht from a large fleet work


Want to know how to rent a yacht from a proper and successful yacht charter company? Find out how to book a yacht, and what to take care of in advance, during and after your sailing vacation.

The time has come for us to explain how to rent a yacht from a charter company, mainly from a yacht charter company which does what it does successfully.

It's not a problem for a company to own or manage yachts and rent them to others. It's not challenging to have yachts and to moor them in a marina. It is difficult to manage a fleet and be good at it. To be successful means to be recognized by the guest and peers alike.

But the most important thing is that people chartering a yacht in Croatia recognize a yacht charter company as the best there is. And to trust it. And we successfully manage this for years now, if we may so modestly say. It may seem like bragging, but we have a lot to brag about. We are awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Economy of our county as the most successful trading company.

As a private yacht charter, there is much that we do; many small and big operations involve managing a yacht charter business. We have a pretty large and superbly maintained fleet. And what does chartering a vessel look like?

How to pick a boat from a large yacht charter fleet


More and more people choose yacht charters as their next vacation. And why shouldn't they be chartering a yacht- it is the most fulfilling experience ever.

Let's say you want a rent a yacht in Marina Pirovac near Šibenik. And why Pirovac, you may ask? Because it is a smaller marina situated in a picturesque Croatian town. The town's smallness and its perfect position on the coast ensure two things; you will have more peace as the smaller marinas are usually less crowded. And Pirovac is an ideal starting point location. Close to everything but secluded also.

Now, how and what to choose; a motorboat, a sailboat or a catamaran? Sounds easy, but some charter companies can manage up to a hundred or more vessels in their fleet. So, what to do?

Make sure what kind of a vessel you need or want and what is the fundamental difference between them:

Motorboat – such as Merry Fisher or Antares, are usually smaller in size in general, can sleep 4 to 6 people, has only one bathroom, are called head in marine language and is able only to be powered by fuel engines and usually.

Sailboat – such as Bavaria or Hanse, can accommodate up to 10 people, has multiple bathrooms, and has dual propulsion wind and engines.

Catamaran – such as Bali or Lagoon, has two hulls, can be very spacious, especially in the lounge and sundeck area, can sleep up to 12 people, has multiple heads and has dual propulsion.

The best is to know in advance what suits your needs. A catamaran will be the best choice if you have a larger company. But if you want a smaller, easily manoeuvred boat, a Merry Fisher will be just the thing. And nobody says that for a sailboat that sleeps 10 people, you must take exactly 10 people with you. This means it has 5 cabins, so it can accommodate 5 of you comfortably.

Just make sure you leave room for a skipper. Mainly because a skipper is obligatory in chartering a yacht if you don't have any sailing expertise.

But if you are unsure what to pick and if the motorboat or a sailboat is better for you, you can always contact us for some advice, as we are always happy to help.

A checklist of things to know and do while chartering a yacht

You need to know some things before arriving at your designated charter base in a marina.

Provisions and other
  • ask for supplies you may need in advance (extras); from bed linen to towels to the exact number of life jackets (make sure on your yacht charters website what they offer, as they also offer additional things such as stand-up paddle boards and such)
  • make sure what exact things you must take with you, proper shoes, duffle bags for more storage, toiletries and medications; the lees you must carry, the easier it will be
  • be sure to ask where the nearest store for provisions is or is there a delivery available

  • be sure to send the crew list at least a week in advance, together with proper licences and needed documents

  • make sure you have transport from the airport to the marina
  • if travelling by car, ask for parking; marinas usually have plenty of parking spots, but they also have daily fees

  • make sure to know at what spot is your main charters office, so you don't wander around, especially if it is a more extensive marina
  • make sure to be punctual if the charter office made an exact appointment for you because check-in periods are usually quite busy
  • make sure all the payments are made properly, so there is no confusion at check-out; there are compulsory extras such as base cost, tourist taxes and deposit

Before sailing
  • make sure to have info where are the gas stations on your route
 • ask for a contact of a go-to person if something untoward happens (with a skipper on board, the skipper is the person that all information goes through)
  • find out all the best locations to visit, national parks, best spots for swimming or best restaurants and taverns (the yacht charter office usually has some offers that are better or less costly than at the location itself)
  • listen to the skipper carefully, especially when safety measures are involved

  • do the proper vessel check for any damages or similar when you come back to the marina
  • besides being punctual at check-in, make sure you are on time at check-out
  • be aware that the yacht needs to be cleaned and checked for damages before it's chartered to other guests

What is included in chartering a yacht?

A yacht charter company with a large fleet has a lot to take care of, especially in high season. Sometimes things get lost or forgotten even though most successful yacht charter companies are well-oiled machines.

Some things are already understood, such as the main compass and fenders. But also, you can check a list on your own; make sure there is a flashlight, check where the fire extinguishers are, if there are enough life jackets that you asked for in advance, and if your bed linens and towels are all accounted for. Once you sailed away, life could get complicated if you forgot to include towels in your extras and imagine something more substantial.

Chartering a yacht doesn't mean just taking the yacht and sailing away with your friends or family. It means so much more. At least to your yacht charter company. They also take care of their charter fleet at their utmost capability and make sure your sailing goes smoothly.

That means a good yacht charter company with a large yacht charter fleet knows what to do at any point, and they will also:

            • Provide comprehensive and flexible service
            • Use innovative and up-to-date solutions
            • Having more experience, which means better management of all situations
            • Likely anticipate all of your needs

So, maybe chartering a yacht for the first time will be just a step for you in a decision to buy a yacht of your own.


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