7-Day Adventure Sailing Route

7-Day Adventure Sailing Route


7-Day Adventure Sailing Route

Experience the unique local experience of Šibenik-Knin County by discovering the exciting natural beauty, cultural splendor and gastronomic delights. Explore two Croatian national parks, Krka and Kornati, which will provide an adventurous experience. Expect various adrenaline activities such as subwing diving, trekking in Kornati and zipline on Čikola.


1. dan (subota) Marina Pirovac

Day 1 (Saturday) Marina Pirovac

Your seven-day Croatian sailing adventure starts in the heart of the old Dalmatian village of Pirovac. Pirovac has numerous attractions, such as medieval walls, a fortification in Kašić, sacred buildings, and various monuments. In addition, Marina Pirovac is a safe harbor for 200 boats. On the first day, after checking in on the boat (17.00 h), we recommend a short sail so that you can settle in and familiarize yourself with the yacht.


2. dan (nedjelja) Marina Pirovac - Otok Žut

Day 2 (Sunday) Marina Pirovac - Island Žut
Distance 23 nm

The first stop will be the island of Žut, a favorite location for many sailors. What sets it apart? Žut is where local history, tradition, and a modern approach to gastronomy all come together. Make the most of your day by trekking to the highest peak and creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

* In strong bora winds, it is recommended to berth on the marina's north pier and at buoys, whereas, in strong southerly winds, it is much more pleasant to berth on the south pier.


3. dan (ponedjeljak) Otok Žut – Nacionalni park Kornati – Tvrđava Tureta – Otok Lavsa

Day 3 (Monday) Island Žut – National Park Kornati – Tureta Fortress – Island Lavsa
Distance 22 nm

"Nautical paradise" is often used to describe National Park Kornati. During the voyage among 89 islands, islets, and reefs, you will put all your nautical skills to the test. Experience an adventure in nature by climbing one of the most impressive Byzantine structures in Kornati: the Tureta Fortress. Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view from the top.
Afterward, look over the remains of a salt warehouse and the sunken remains of a salt pan in Lavsa bay date from the Middle Ages. For afternoon activities, try sub-wing. It's an underwater board towed by a boat. It enables a new experience of viewing the underwater world and its charms.


4. dan (utorak) Otok Lavsa – Skradin

Day 4 (Tuesday) Island Lavsa – Skradin
Distance 39 nm

Experience the rich history and breathtaking beauty of Skradin, one of the oldest cities in Croatia. Located at the picturesque Krka National Park entrance, Skradin promises an unforgettable adventure for all who visit. Get a taste of the famous Skradin food, including cake and risotto.

Indulge in the delicious flavors of fresh oysters and mussels at the shellfish farm near the Šibenik bridge. At the farm, you can sample some of the finest shellfish the region offers while gaining a deeper understanding of these tasty creatures and their cultivation.


5. dan (srijeda) Skradin – Nacionalni park Krka – Šibenik

Day 5 (Wednesday) Skradin – National Park Krka – Šibenik
Distance 13 nm

As you wander through the Krka National Park, you will notice all kinds of plant and animal species and numerous waterfalls. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit Visovac, a beautiful island in the middle of the same named Visovac Lake.
The Čikola river canyon is an untouched haven. Feel the rush as you glide down the 1.4-kilometer-long zipline. So pack your sense of adventure and discover the breathtaking sights and thrills.
In the afternoon, visit the historic city of Šibenik, which boasts impressive natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. With two monuments under the protection of UNESCO, Šibenik offers a wealth of cultural and historical landmarks to explore and appreciate. So hop on an electric scooter and experience the city at your own pace.


6. dan (četvrtak) Šibenik – Otok Zlarin

Day 6 (Thursday) Šibenik – Island Zlarin
Distance 4 nm

After sailing out from Šibenik, enjoy the St. Anthony canal on your way to Zlarin island. It is known for its beautiful beaches, gastronomic specialties, sacred buildings, and Klepac Hill. The naturally protected harbor and anchorage, along with its 131-meter-long and 16-meter-wide island port, make Zlarin one of the most popular destinations for sailors. A coral diving tradition has been a part of its culture for centuries. Despite their appearance, corals are a fascinating blend of plant and animal, with a calcareous skeletal system that classifies them as minerals.


7. dan (petak) Otok Zlarin – Otok Prvić – Marina Pirovac

Day 7 (Friday) Island Zlarin – Island Prvić – Marina Pirovac
Distance 20 nm

Discover the charming island of Prvić, home to two inhabited places, Prvić Luka and Prvić Šepurine, and is considered a protected cultural and historical treasure. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet vacation without the stress of cars, city noise, and everyday life. Visit the Memorial Center Faust Vrancic in Prvić Luka, dedicated to the first Croatian lexicographer, famous inventor, and bishop Faust Vrančić. In the afternoon, sail back to Euronautic's Yacht Charter base in Marina Pirovac to end your sailing tour.

*You'll need a valid ticket to sail through the National Park Kornati (buy online or with us), also for ACI Marina Žut, ACI Marina Skradin, D-Marin Mandalina Šibenik, Memorial Center Faust Vrancic, and mooring buoys.



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