Bavaria Cruiser 37, Spectrum (2023)

This sailing boat can accommodate up to 8 crew members in 3 double cabins. It has a roll mainsail system, one head, bow thruster, bimini and sprayhood, fusion entertainment system, speakers in the cockpit, cockpit shower (hot and cold), a big swimming platform, air conditioning, and heating.

The fixed cockpit table provides a welcome bracing point for the crew in the wide, comfortable cockpit. The transition to twin wheels also meant bulkheads had to be moved forward, opening the saloon.

Light and air stream through a half-dozen opening hatches, nearly as many opening portlights, and hull ports in the saloon and fore-cabin.

Technical information

Base Dalmacija Šibenik / Marina Pirovac
Model: Bavaria Cruiser 37
Year built: 2023
Cabins: 3
Berths: 8
Berths (+): 8 (6+2)
Heads: 1
Length (m): 11.30
Beam: 3.67
Draught: 1.95
Engine: 27.3
Water capacity: 360.00 l
Fuel capacity: 150.00 l
Service type: Bareboat
Deposit (€): 1800.0
Hints & Tips

Electric panel

Control panel

Particular functions are marked next to every switch on the
panel and explained by our skippers during the check-in.

Fuses and shore power indicator

LED's near every switch indicate whether the particular device
is on or not
- Make sure to check the shore power connection by checking
the 220V indicator (green light on the right panel). Please
connect the shore power cable whenever you have the

Windlass fuse

The fuse is located behind the seat in the lounge ruster.

Main switch

The main power switch for service batteries 1. is located near
the navigation table and the main power switch for engine
battery 2. is under the stairs.
By turning them counter-clockwise, all the electricity on board
shuts down. This possibility is primarily used in an emergency
situation, for example in case of a fire.


Inverter switch is located on the control panel.
Please make sure that all devices connected to the inverter
should be used only as long as necessary, for example until
the mobile phone battery is charged, after which it should
immediately be disconnected.
Keep in mind that the inverter consumes the electricity even
if there is no device connected to it, so in order to preserve
energy, please switch it off after every use.


Emergency fuel cutoff valve

It is located in the right aft cabin under the bed. It is to be used
only in case of an emergency (fire).

Gas valve in the galley

It is located in one of the cupboards in the galley.
The valve is open when the lever is in the vertical position and
closed when it is in horizontal position.
Please close it when not in use.

Gas valve in the cockpit

Turn to open or close.
When the stove is not in use, please close the valve.
When changing the bottle, lay it on the side, hold the valve
and slowly turn the bottle until it is tight.



By pulling and pushing the lever you can pump the seawater
in and out of the toilet bowl.
If the small lever on the back of the pump is in the left position,
the water goes in and out at the same time.
If it's in the right position, the water only goes out. After the
use leave the small lever in that position in order to avoid the
water return.
Make sure both seacocks are open when using the toilet. After
the use please close both of them.


DO NOT throw paper tissues, napkins or other garbage in the
toilet bowl because it may clog the drain pipes.
To avoid unconfortable situation and extra expenses, please
dispose the toilet paper and other garbage into a plastic bag.


There are 3 seacocks in toilet under the washbasin.
Please close them when not in use. If the toilet seacocks are
closed, the pump will not work.

Water supply switching lever

It is located under the washbasin in the bathroom.


When one water tank empties, immediately close all the
running taps in order to prevent the water pump from taking
air into the system.
Turn the lever to switch the water supply to the other tank and
open the tap. The water should start flowing after couple of

Engine and engine control panel

Engine compartment

All engines are regularly maintained by our mechanics.
Nevertheless, to be sure it is working properly, check the oil
and water levels regularly, as well as inspecting the engine
The procedure of controlling the engine will be elaborated by
our skippers during the check-in.

Engine control panel: engine start / stop, gear lever, fuel level indicator, hour meter

Starting the engine:
1. Before starting the engine, push the button on the gear lever
and the gear lever a bit forward in order to increase RPMs
without engaging the propeller.
2. Switch on the electric contact
(button on the upper left side of the start panel)
3. Hold the start switch with light pressure (upper right on the
start panel) for about 10 seconds (preheat)
4.Push the start button fully to start the engine

Stopping the engine:
1. Push the stop button (lower right on the start panel)
2. Switch off the electric contact
Please return the gear lever to the neutral position before
shutting down the engine.
Cruising speed is at abput 2300 RPM. Faster than that puts
great tension on the engine and the clutch and could result in

Navigation instruments

Exterior instruments

During the check-in, our skippers will explain the basic
functions of all instruments. For more in-depth information
You can consult the user manual which is located in one of the
cupboards by the navigation table.


It is located above the navigation table, and the user manual is
in the same folder with other manuals.


Anchor and chain compartment, Electric windlass

It is recommended to release the anchor manually, because
sometimes during the anchoring maneuver the winch might
be too slow considering the speed of the moving boat.
During the maneuver please attach the compartment hatch to
the fence using the provided rope with a hook.
Please make sure the anchor doesn't hit the bow during
anchoring procedure.
When the anchor is not in use, attach it to the bollard as a
safety measure.

Just before you start lifting the anchor, engage the forward
gear for 2-3 seconds (with minimum gas, just to get a slight
push forward in the direction of the anchor). That way you
will prevent the windlass to pull the whole boat, which can
seriously damage it.
To avoid injury, wear gloves and shoes while operating the
The chain is marked every 10m with a red mark.

Deck and dinghy

Cockpit shower

The boat is equipped with a cockpit shower.
Please pull out the hose with care to avoid damage.
After the use check whether the tap is closed.

Dinghy, Outboard engine

To avoid damage of the impeller, please always start the
outboard engine in water.
When the dinghy is not in use, please return it to its position
on the deck; if you tow it behind the boat, there is a chance
of losing it along the way, and that case is not covered by any

Also DO NOT tow the dinghy while the outboard engine is still
mounted on it.

After each use please return the outboard engine to its place onboard.


Bilge pump

Automatic bilge pump is located under the floorings,
near the navigation table.

If there is water in the bilge, the floating switch starts the

Safety equipment


All lifejackets will be in the sallon during the check-in ready for
your inspection, so please during the check-out leave them in
the same place so we can check them.

Hints & Tips

  • In case of any damage that can be repaired on spot by yourself or with a help from a third person, please immediately contact our base in order to arrange eventual expense coverage if needed.
  • When returning to our base, please enter between the piers in reverse gear because the space between them is rahter narrow.

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