COVID.19 policy

    If it happens that, due to the corona virus, borders are closed and client cannot come to Croatia or he is banned or anything that is official (according to the WHO), we will offer transfer of the dates/boats – depending on the availability, in season 2020 or 2021. If the costs of the new boat/dates are higher, client will have to pay the difference, and if they are lower, we will refund the difference. That is a higher force, and it is written in the general conditions like this:

    Euronautic does not assume responsibility in case of changes or failure to perform the paid services or part of the services due to force majeure (war, riots, strikes, acts of terrorism, extraordinary sanitary conditions, natural disasters, interventions of competent authorities etc.).

    If they wish to cancel, due to their fear (and there are no technical obstacles for client to come) – we will charge the cancellation costs, according to the general charter conditions.

    To make it easier for the clients – we are changing the payment policy in our charter contracts, and from (06.03.2020.) it will be like this:

    In order to confirm the charter booking and to be entitled to the prices in the current price list, the Client makes an advance payment in the amount of 30% (instead of 50%) of the total charter price. The remaining amount up to the complete value of the charter is paid not later than 3 (instead of 4) weeks before the takeover of the vessel, which leaves the Client the ability to prepare the crew members on time and to pay the travel and medical insurance, to find a suitable skipper etc.

    This payment policy will be applied until Corona virus situation lasts – as soon as it is over, 50% prepayment will be required.



    1. My charter starts in 3 months – but I already know I do not wish to travel this year. I’ve made a down payment (50% of the charter price). Can I get a refund?

    No, we can either make a cancellation of you charter week and charge you for the cancellation fee according to the general charter conditions (50% of the contracted charter price), or we can give you a voucher that you can use in season 2020. or 2021. Voucher can be issued only one month before your charter dates - if there is an objective reason for it (as written above).

    2. Can I change the boat and period, for 2021?

    No, change of the boat can be applied only if the boat you have originally contracted is unavailable – but we can be flexible about the period – just keep in mind that the price difference needs to be covered.

    3. What if I do not want to come in 2021, neither in 2020?

    We are very sorry, but we are unable to make a refund, according to the force majeure.

    4. My charter week starts within 2 months – but I am reluctant to make a payment- while we cannot predict how will the situation look like?

    You have two options: first option is to make the payment and then, if the situation doesn’t look right, you can cancel even a day before (for above mentioned reasons) you charter starts and still use the whole voucher amount.

    But if the payment is not received according to the contracted conditions – we will have to cancel the booking and keep the whole amount without issuing the voucher.

    Our advice is, if you are reluctant to pay, it is better than to ask for a voucher and choose a different period.

    5. If I want to change my booking to season 2021. when do I have to decide about new period of booking?

    You don’t have to decide right now when do you want to make another booking. You can let us know about new dates during season 2020. Of course, the longer you wait, there is a less possibility the boat you want will be available – and it is not possible to use the voucher in 2022.

    6. If I change my booking now, and in next few weeks everything goes back to normal, can I switch back my original booking e in 2020., if yacht is available.

    If the boat is available, we can do that.

    7. If I change my booking to season 2021. when do I have to make second/last payment?

    If you change your booking to season 2021. second payment must be done 30 days before beginning of the charter


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