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  • The Magic of Solo Sailing: Finding Freedom on the Open Sea


    Solo sailing is the art of navigating and operating a sailboat entirely by yourself. It's a pursuit that demands meticulous planning, confident decision-making, and a deep respect for the power of nature. However, for those who embrace the challenge, the rewards are truly unmatched.
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  • A Guide to Installing and Using a Gennaker - Unleash the Power of Wind


    A gennaker is a powerful sail that can significantly increase your boat's speed downwind. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of gennaker installation, deployment, sail handling, and takedown. It also covers important safety considerations to ensure a fun and safe sailing experience. The blog emphasizes the importance of proper training and crew communication when using a gennaker.
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  • Escape to Paradise: Unveiling the Most Romantic Sailing Spots in Croatia


    Sail Croatia's Adriatic coast for a romantic adventure. Discover Stiniva Cove and Palmižana for intimate moments. Explore Dubrovnik and Trogir. Add nautical romance tips like sunset sailing and stargazing. Snorkel hand in hand and explore the marine life. Croatia is perfect for a romantic and adventurous sailing trip.
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  • Explore lesser-known places while sailing the Adriatic


    Each cove, every beach, every town, and every island on the Croatian Adriatic tells its own story. Those less frequented by tourists offer a more authentic and profound experience of the Adriatic's multifaceted character. Sailing through these lesser-known places is about finding new destinations and discovering new perspectives, stories, and ways of life that enrich the soul and broaden the horizon.
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  • New in 2024 – a sneak peek at Euronautic yacht charter fleet


    Welcome aboard Euronautic Yacht Charter's latest fleet expansion, where unequaled luxury meets cutting-edge design. We're thrilled to introduce a diverse range of magnificent boats, each meticulously crafted to elevate your sailing experience.
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  • Euronautic brings you the perfect 7-day itinerary starting in Biograd


    Biograd – a perfect starting point for any sailing trip. If you are looking for the best route to explore on a 7-day itinerary – we have planned perfect spots for you to visit. Explore the most beautiful islands, small coastal towns, and one of the most magnificent national parks with us.
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  • Sailing with a cat or dog: pet-friendly tips


    Sailing with pets can be a breeze – if you are prepared in advance. Sailing with your cat or your dog strengthens your bond. On board a boat, don’t forget the essentials that will make your pet’s stay more comfortable: non-slip bowls, rail nets, and pet life jackets (they do exist, we assure you).
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  • Diving in Croatia: best dive sites and underwater wonders


    The natural allure of scuba diving lies in its ability to provide an immersive experience in a serene underwater world teeming with vibrant landscapes and fascinating marine creatures. Can you picture yourself swimming alongside schools of silver-hued fish or catching a glimpse of majestic dolphins in their natural habitat?
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  • Discover the picturesque coastal old towns on the Croatian Adriatic


    The old towns of Croatia, stretching along the Adriatic Sea, offer a captivating blend of rich history, diverse cultural influences, and natural beauty. Each city, from the fascinating duality of Zadar, the tranquil beauty of Pirovac, the idyllic magic of Primošten, and the timeless allure of Trogir, to the serene isolation of Komiža on the island of Vis, displays its unique character and charm.
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  • When is the best time to visit Croatia while sailing?


    There is a constant debate – what is the best time to visit Croatia and what is the best season for sailing. We can say to each their own, but some seasons have more appeal than others. Some have more traffic some have better weather...
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